Supporters & Donors

Supporters play a crucial role in the success of those who have been called to live out a missional life. Many times financial support is needed to begin the mission, but it is the prayer, encouragement, and fellowship that will sustain the mission to a successful end. Missional.Life allows you to support those on mission long after they’ve ventured out by keeping you connected throughout the journey.

Partner through Prayer

The needs of those on mission and those whom they are serving are great and ever changing. Missional.Life allows you to follow the prayer requests of those you are supporting by visiting their prayer wall, letting them know you are praying, and receiving updates on new prayer requests are posted!

Follow the Journey

The work of missions is not done in a moment, but through a process of building trust, finding needs, meeting those needs, and seeing change in the hearts behind those needs. Missional.Life keeps you connected through the entire journey as those you support share stories, prayer requests, and goals every step of the way.

Engage the Stories

Every person has a story that is being written by God and He has invited you and those you support to be a part of that narrative. Creating a Missional.Life account allows you to be a part of that story in ways that traditional missionary support could not facilitate. Just logging on and checking in allows you to celebrate all that God is doing with those you are supporting.

Encourage the Mission

Many of those you are supporting are on a long and difficult road to accomplish what God has called them to. Your encouragement in this task is often the very fuel that keeps them pressing forward. Missional.Life allows you to reach out in real time to let them know you care, you are praying, and that you believe in the calling God has placed on their life. Whether it is praying for their needs, celebrating when they reach a goal, or commenting on their stories, they will be reminded that they are not alone.

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